Genesis, Chapter 1

Genesis, Chapter 1 (Source: The Story of Creation.* 1    In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the eartha— 2*    and the earth was without form or shape, with darkness over the abyss and a mighty wind sweeping over the waters—b 3    Then God said: Let there be light, and there was light.c… Continue reading Genesis, Chapter 1

GENESIS – Introduction

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. INTRODUCTION. The Hebrews now entitle all the Five Books of Moses, from the initial words, which originally were written like one continued word or verse; but the Septuagint have preferred to give the titles the most memorable occurrences of each work. On this occasion, the Creation of all things out of nothing,… Continue reading GENESIS – Introduction

Bible Marathon Begins

Here we go Brothers and Sisters in Christ, let us begin our Bible Marathon program, we started it and with God’s Grace and Guidance we will finish it. We thank Fr Luigi Bonalumi, our Parish Priest who granted us Blessing as we formally begin this program. Let us invite our families, friends and loved ones… Continue reading Bible Marathon Begins


Genesis is the first book of the Pentateuch (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy), the first section of the Jewish and the Christian Scriptures. Its title in English, “Genesis,” comes from the Greek of Gn 2:4, literally, “the book of the generation (genesis) of the heavens and earth.” Its title in the Jewish Scriptures is the… Continue reading THE BOOK OF GENESIS